Why Choose an Association Management Company (AMC)

As the size and number of professional and trade organizations dramatically increases, so too does the need for effective, professional management of these organizations. However, volunteers sometimes lack the continuity in leadership, professional expertise, hands-on experience and time required to effectively and efficiently run their organizations. Further, associations frequently lack the funds to hire a full-time professional staff.

All volunteer organizations, regardless of size, require certain key elements for continued success:
  • leadership that keeps sight of long-term goals and objectives
  • effective and professional day-to-day management
  • experienced staff with expertise in all key areas
  • a centralized office or headquarters
  • access to advanced technology and professional equipment
  • staffing and services customized to meet each individual organization's needs
  • efficiencies derived from leveraging shared resources, including office space, equipment and technologies
The unique services of an association management company offer a valuable resource for less than the cost of full-time staff by allowing you to select the level of administrative services that best suits your needs.

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