Partnering with an AMC

AMC 101: What is an AMC? Why is an AMC the Best Option for Your Association?

There are basically three ways to “staff” an association. The first is through volunteers who are unpaid. They complete association work as their schedules permit, which means the association advances at the same rate. While they are very much appreciated for their insight and dedication,... Read more

How to Plan for and Execute a Flawless Transition

The decision to transition from an independent office to an experienced association management company (AMC) can be based on several factors. A good percentage of the time the decision is based on the Board of Director’s fiduciary responsibility to the membership. The objective of a board is to...  Read more

Sample Management Transition Checklist

Transitioning to an Association Management Company (AMC)? Here's a list of things to think about and walk-through with your new AMC partner, from permanent files to financial documents and meetings information.  Read more

AMC Services: Shopping For Shopping’s Sake Is Not Prudent

Do associations managed by employed staff routinely “shop around” for a new executive director when the current executive is performing well? Is it common for a board of directors to explain to its chief staff executive that, although his or her performance is entirely satisfactory or even exemplary, the board wants to “test the waters” to see if there is someone else out there who is better or less expensive?

If the obvious answer to these questions is “no,” then why do boards of associations managed satisfactorily by association management companies feel that “shopping around” for management services is an acceptable practice? Read more

"Dear Volunteer Leader" 

The benefits of being managed by an AMC are many, but because boards change over time, it is essential to continually educate volunteer leaders as to their organization’s partnership and the terms of its agreement with its AMC.  Read more

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